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First School of Education for International Students in Zhejiang Province2017-06-01

On May 12, Yuexiu held the ceremony of the establishment of School of Education for International Students. Present were Aifen HUANG, Deputy Director of Shaoxing Office of Propaganda and Director of International Affairs, Nan SONG, Deputy Director of Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, Mingnan TANG, Vice Chair of Shaoxiing City Bureau of Entry-Exit  and Border Control, President Zhenhua XU, Vice Chairman of the Committee of Yuexiu Communist Party, and Vice Presidents Xingguo YE and Wenbin ZHU.

The establishment of Yuexiu School of Education for International Students is a milestone in Yuexiu’s pursuit of internationalization, as well as an important step towards becoming one of the best private Universities in China, aiming for both “First Class Private University and First Class Quality Education”.

Nan SONG spoke at the ceremony, remarking that the establishment of Yuexiu School of Education for International Students will play an important role in helping Shaoxing City in enhancing its services to international students and education internationalization efforts. This School will also exert a profound impact on the city’s cultural dissemination and exchange efforts as well as educational internationalization. He hopes that Yuexiu will look towards the country and to the whole world, design and implement pragmatic development strategies, accent unique characteristics of the University, and become an exemplary model of international exchanges and collaborations, while still remain rooted in Shaoxing City, servicing the city beyond its boundaries, help Shaoxing’s development into the international bridge with the high ground for international exchanges of cultures and interactions.

Jinshen ZHOU, Dean of the School, pledged that the School will spare no efforts in developing majors and curricular of subject fields that are in high demands globally, and in increasing the enrollment of international students who will pursue academic degrees at Yuexiu. In addition, the School will implement an administration model that is centered around research teams, making best use of the enormous cultural resources in the Shaoxing Region, collaborating with local cultural resources, and produce a group of international students with excellent Chinese competence, Chinese calligraphy, and the Yue Opera as well. He hopes that these academic and cultural competency outcomes of international students will become highlights and models of Yuexiu School of Education for International students. 

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