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Yuexiu Alum Donates One Million to Establish the New Zealand Lijie International Education Assistance Foundation2017-06-01

On May 18, 2017, a special “student” came to our campus, a student graduated 14 years ago who has cherished fond memories of his Alma Mater. His name is Zeng Xian, Class of 2003. This time he came back specifically to show his gratitude towards Yuexiu, and to establish a special foundation to support students with outstanding academic performance from poor family backgrounds. This foundation will provide financial support to enable students of excellent academic records to study abroad as exchange students or as graduate students. With this gift of one million RMB to Yuexiu, he establishes the “New Zealand Lijie International Education Assistance Foundation”.

Mr. Zuoping XU, Director of Yuexiu Alumni Association, hosted the signing ceremony. President Zhenhua XU and Xian ZENG both signed on the agreement document to establish the New Zealand Lijie International Education Assistance Foundation.

Mr. ZENG remarked emotionally that Yuexiu Foreign Languages University will always be his Alma Mater, and his safe harbor as well. Though he graduated some 14 years ago, he has cherished the fond memories of his years at Yuexiu where he experienced innocence and growth. “It is both useful and necessary for students to see around the world. Some students may be prepared and want to go abroad, yet opportunities were missed due to financial constraints. Therefore, I wanted to do something about it and decided to donate one million to support my fellow students in their pursuit of knowledge,” He said.

 President Zhenhua XU was moved by Mr. Zeng’s words: “I am so deeply touched by his generosity. Mr. ZENG did not talk like a rich chairman of a big company. Instead, he spoke from his heart like a brother to his siblings and neighbors, giving his advice to their upcoming trip abroad, such as what to watch out for, and what to learn, etc.” 

It is reported that the “”New Zealand Lijie International Education Assistance Foundation” is the largest donation to date Yuexiu has ever received since the establishment of this university. The foundation will provide funding to students of poor families who will further their studies, or will be exchange students in New Zealand. The upcoming July will be the departing date for the first group of students to New Zealand as beneficiaries of this Foundation. 

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