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The inner minds and mental processes of Chinese-Russian poets2017-06-01

Topic: The inner minds and mental processes of Chinese-Russian poets

Speaker: В.Ф.Печерица

Sponsor: School of European Languages

Time: 4pm, May 23, 2017

Place: Library Auditorium, Jishan Campus

Speaker Bio: The speaker is the chair of Russian Political Debate Committee, Russian United Far-Eastern University and a well-known scholar of political history. His major research interests include regional policies and political theories of Asia and Pacific Island Countries. He has published more than 10 monographs, and over 100 refereed journal articles in international journals.

Synopsis The “China-Russia Connection” is unique to Russian literature, which depicts how Russian authors in exile wrote and created fine literature under extremely difficult conditions. Their books are no different from those by Russian authors living in Russia.


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