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Johannah Cook Now an Honorary Citizen of Shaoxing2018-03-28

Johannah Cook, a faculty from New Zealand at the School of Chinese Language and Culture of our university, was conferred the Honorary Citizen of Shaoxing by the Shaoxing Municipal Government. On March 25, a formal ceremony was held to present the Honorary Citizenship Certificate, which was attended by municipal officials of Shaoxing, and photographs were also taken to commemorate this special occasion.

Johannah Cook is currently a professor at the School of Chinese Language and Culture. She received her doctoral degree in Chinese language and literature with specialization in Wei-Jin reclusive poetry from University of Otago in New Zealand. Since she joined Zhejiang Shaoxing University of Foreign Languages in 2015, Dr. Cook has been actively involved in the evaluation work by the Ministry of Education, promoting bilingual programs, and teaching undergraduate students at the School. She has been a diligent instructor, an honest friend to students and faculty alike, and has become one of the much-loved outstanding faculty on campus. In addition, Johnannah has been participating in various activities on and off campus, including teaching Chinese to international faculty of the University, and elected several times as the “Outstanding SPT International Instructor”.
In December of 2015, Shaoxing TV Station broadcasted a special program entitled “Seeking Wei and Jin” featuring Dr. Cook on her work and life at Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages in Shaoxing, which was very well received. In March of 2016, Shaoxing Daily published a special-feature report on Dr. Johnannah Cook praising her outstanding teaching practices as well as in-depth researches on the reclusive poetry of the Wei-In Dynasties. In October of the same year, Dr. Cook received the prestigious “West Lake Friendship” award by Zhejiang Provincial Government. On the 33th Lanting Calligraphy Festival and the 4th China National Calligraphy Conference in 2017, Dr. Johnannah Cook was an invited honorary guest at the opening ceremony. In addition, as a representative on behalf of New Zealand Cultural Guild, Dr. Cook was invited as a guest of honor to attend the opening ceremonial event of the first of “Lanting’s Story” in the world, the New Zealand Station.  
Dr. Johnannah Cook is the second international faculty at Zhejiang Yuexiu to receive the Honorary Citizen of Shaoxing, after Nanxian Kim, another international faculty from South Korea. The title of Honorary Citizen of Shaoxing is the highest commendation the Shaoxing Municipal Government gives to those overseas Chinese, people of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and international friends who have provided exemplary services to the city in the areas of economic growth, social and civil development as well as international collaborations.

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