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"A Dialogue Transcending Space & Time " held in Yuexiu about Luxun & Dante, the world’s pre-eminent litterateurs from the East and the West. 2018-04-27

One is a world-class literary writer, an Italian poet in the late 13th century, the founder of modern Italian and a pioneerof European Renaissance; the other is the “Volksgeist” of modern China, a famous writer and thinker , an important participant of May Fourth Movement and New Culture Movement and the founder of modern Chinese literature. If these two summits of Eastern and Western literature met and held a talk in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, what kind of spark of thoughts can be brought about? On April 24th, the a theme lecture on Luxun and Dante theme lecture and the appointment ceremony for visiting professors were held in the lecture hall on Jinghu Campus in Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages.

President Xu Zhenhua delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Yuexiu. The letter of visiting professor appointment of Yuexiu were confered on Mr.Alighieriand Mr. Zhou Lingfei by Professor Fei Junqing. In order to express the gratitude to the success of the dialogue between the two literary masters, Mr. Zhou Lingfei expressed his thanks on behalf of Luxun Cultural Foundation and awarded Yuexiu Certificate of Honor.

       This Sino-Italian cultural exchange activity is one of the series of Masters Dialogues Transcending Time & Space initiated by Luxun Cultural Foundation since 2014. Before this, Yuexiu has  held successfully dialogue activities between Luxun and other top masters such as Hugo, Tolstoy, Tagore and Natsume Soseki.

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