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Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages (ZYUFL), a full-time institute offering regular undergraduate education, is located in Shaoxing, hometown of the famous writer Lu Xun and a well-known ancient city with rich cultural heritage. The history of ZYUFL dates back to its founding in 1981. After decades of development, it was accredited in 2008 by the National Ministry of Education of China as a four-year university.

The present ZYUFL comprises two campuses, i.e., Jishan Campus and Jinghu Campus, covering an area of 1,300 mu (approximately 214 hectares) with a total floor area of about 420,000 square meters. The library possesses a collection of 1.68 million conventional books/publications and 1.02 million e-books.

Presently, the University has an enrollment of over 16,000 full-time undergraduates against a teaching staff of more than 1,000. Over 34% of the 900 regular teachers are full or associate professors, and 75% have received master’s and/or doctoral degrees. Additionally, two faculty members are winners of the Special Government Allowance, while another four have been members of the Teaching Advisory Commission under the Ministry of Education. Also engaged in the university’s teaching affairs are 100 or so foreign teachers/experts (17 of whom have doctorate degrees in various majors) from such countries as the US, Britain, Canada, South Korea, Japan and so on.

The University consists of 9 colleges/schools, namely, College of English, College of Oriental Languages, College of Euro-languages, College of International Business, College of Network Communication, College of Chinese Language and Culture, International School of Hospitality Management, College of International Education, and School of Continuing Education. Up to 27 majors for undergraduates offered in ZYUFL have covered such academic areas as literature, economics, business management, and arts. The curriculum involves 11 foreign languages in it, including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia. Being the only one university with a Bahasa Indonesia language program besides other languages, the university thus ranks the first in terms of sort and number of foreign languages ever offered in Zhejiang Province, showing its potential resources as well as the competence in foreign languages education.

ZYUFL has established an overall structure of majors and disciplines which revolve around a variety of foreign languages and literature, characterized by a focus on subjects of liberal arts and accompanied by a range of academic courses in economics, business management, network communication, etc. It facilitates the complementary interaction between subjects and disciplines, enabling their coordinated growth. Consequently, ZYUFL has won official recognition at different levels due to merits in its disciplinary construction and development. For instance, the university has been ranked in the provincial list of main subjects for its key discipline of Foreign Languages and Literature; in the municipal list for its key disciplines of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as well as French Language and Literature. Meanwhile, ZYUFL’s Korean language subject is recognized as a key major in Zhejiang Province and given priority for support. Some other majors including English, French, network communication, and international trade & finance, have been honored as emerging majors with distinctive local features. Besides, English and Japanese have drawn public attention in Shaoxing just because of their effective application and function in the city’s economic growth.
As a member of the United Nations Academic Impact, ZYUFL has made steady progress in scientific research. In the year 2015 alone, the University had 2 projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, 13 programs sponsored at provincial or ministerial level, and as many as 38 items concerning educational reform won project approval at the municipal level (Shaoxing).
ZYUFL possesses advanced equipment and facilities for teaching and practice. It boasts a provincial-level center for foreign language experiments, and four municipal-level demonstration centers for teaching practice. All the centers are equipped with laboratories of one kind or another, such as Simultaneous Interpreting, Language Lab, Lab for International Business and Trade, and other relevant apparatus as well. On the other hand, there are language salons for minority language learners, classrooms for perceiving 
Observing the school motto of “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success”, ZYUFL has organized a military training team, the first and the only one of its kind within universities and colleges in the province. About 200 students on the team serving as “officers” responsible for the regular military training for freshmen, which features a unique part of the ZYUFL culture. Consequently the university has been entitled as a model of “National Defense Education Base & Military Training Center” by the authorities concerned.
ZYUFL promotes the voluntary spirit of “Loving, Giving, Helping, Growing” among students and awards credits for their doing voluntary work or service in local communities or on other occasions, which has exerted positive effects, constituting a kind of voluntary service with its “ZYUFL characteristic”. A case in point is our students’ performance at the World Internet Conference in 2015. This year the students are to provide their voluntary service once more during the G20 Summit to be held in Hangzhou.
In may 2015, Xia Baolong, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province, paid an inspection visit to ZYUFL, during which he pointed out with satisfaction that the university was making vigorous strides forward with clear and practical goals and had made great achievements. The secretary’s best wishes to and further expectations for the university will encourage the leadership and the staff to do better in future.
In the coming years of the 13th national five-year-plan, the university is to achieve its set goals with painstaking efforts and innovative practice, so as to be fully obliged to the duty of an accredited university in pursuing excellence in teaching and scientific research, in cultivating students in accordance with the requirements of the society and employers.

(The data is as of April 30, 2016)


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