ZYUFL which is in line with international practice. A bridge of friendship all over the world.

Purpose of Education at the ZYUFL

Motto:Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation, Success

Mission:Produce well-educated global citizens

Vision:Build YueXiu, a century-old school, into a prestigious private university in China

Goals:Become a prestigious private university providing skills-based undergraduate education with an international dimension

Core values: Aim high and work hard; pursue excellence and remain humble

Main Strategy: In keeping with the education policies of the national government and the Communist Party of China, we are committed to a scientific outlook on higher education and a student-centered approach in teaching with a focus on morals and ethics. Giving priority to the development of academic disciplines, we emphasize innovation of mechanisms and institutions and take skills-based education as our most essential task. Improving the quality of teaching and learning is at the core of our strategy, which is underpinned by strengthening faculty training and upgrading content and curriculums. Helped by teaching construction and further international exchange and cooperation, we intend to spread the message of “Harmony, Integrity, Cultivation and Success” , develop a campus culture marked by confidence, harmony, growth in competition and humanity and build Yuexiu into a prestigious private university in China

Guiding Principles: Govern in a rule-based manner, emphasis on talent and expertise, improve quality of teaching, strengthen research and develop distinctive faculties
Campus Culture: Confidence, Harmony, Growth in Competition, Humanity

Goals for Talent Development: Cultivate people with a global mind and competent professional skills.

System of Professional Talent ( 12345 system)

One Goal:Cultivate people with a global mind and competent professional skills

Two Systems:Teaching systems of theories and professional skills themed on morals and academic competence

Three combinations:
The effective combination of foreign language learning and majors
The effective combination of theory and practice
The effective combination of domestic education and overseas education

Four Collaborations:
Collaboration between universities
Collaboration between university and community
Collaboration between university and business
International collaboration

Five Abilities:
The ability to use foreign languages
The ability to utilize professional knowledge in practice
The ability to find a job or become an entrepreneur
The ability to pursue career development
The ability to adapt

Education Philosophy:What we care most is how our students learn rather than what they learn; how they develop an idea rather than what that idea is; how they live their lives rather than what kind of people they want to become.

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